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Traditional Photography

Our Liverpool wedding photography is all about capturing the timeless and classic moments of your wedding day. It's the art of preserving the formal yet heartfelt elements of your celebration. From the exchange of vows to family portraits, we focus on creating images that exude elegance and grace. With a touch of tradition and a keen eye for detail, our goal is to craft a visual story that beautifully encapsulates the essence of your special day. Choose Traditional Photography for enduring elegance and photographs that stand the test of time, telling the story of your love with simplicity and grace.

Candid Photography

At Exio in Liverpool, our candid photography is your ticket to authentic moments that make your wedding day truly special. We proudly uphold our reputation as the Best Asian Wedding Photographer in Liverpool, focusing on capturing genuine emotions without staging shots. Our unobtrusive approach allows us to blend into the background, seizing real smiles, tears, and laughter as they unfold. It's all about those unplanned, spontaneous moments that weave together to tell your unique love story. Our simple philosophy: observe, blend in, and narrate your story through authentic, natural shots. Opt for Candid Photography by Exio, where real moments effortlessly transform into cherished memories.

Product Photography

Let us put your creations in the spotlight with our Product Photography service. Whether you have new products, handmade crafts, or merchandise, we're here to highlight the unique details that make them special. We aim to provide you with professional and eye-catching images, ensuring your creations get the attention they deserve. From showcasing on your website to promoting on social media, let us make your products shine.

Food Photography

Treat your eyes to our Food Photography! We focus on capturing the yumminess of your dishes, from big meals to small details. Our aim is to make your food look as tasty as it is, tempting viewers to practically taste the flavors through our images. Whether you're posting on social media or updating your menu, we'll make your culinary creations look absolutely delicious!

Christening Photography

At Exio Photography, we specialize in capturing the heartfelt moments of your child's christening. Our service is designed to document the religious rituals, family togetherness, and the joy of this special occasion. From the baptism ceremony to candid family interactions, we focus on telling the story of your child's spiritual milestone. With a keen eye for detail and an understanding of the event's significance, Exio Photography ensures that each photo reflects the love and warmth surrounding your family during this meaningful day.

Parenthood Photography

Celebrate the journey into parenthood with Exio Photography's services. Our maternity sessions focus on capturing the joy and anticipation of expecting parents. From intimate moments to artistic shots, we aim to freeze the beauty of this transformative period. As your family grows, our Newborn Photography sessions capture the precious early days of your newborn's life in heartwarming images. Exio Photography is committed to creating a visual story that preserves the emotions, excitement, and pure love that define the magical journey from pregnancy to welcoming a new life into your family.